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Friday 31st January to Sunday 2nd February 2025

211 Fisher Lane, Galloway - ALEXANDRA

Gates Open 12pm Friday

Payment accepted by online Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, or Bank Deposit.

This rally was born in 1985, being held on the 16th February, at the Frasers Domain in Central Otago (out the back of Clyde) with an attendance of around 30 motorcyclists.

The following year saw numbers increase to just over 250 motorcyclists. This put pressure on the venue size and in the next year, the rally was moved to its present site on the banks of the Manuhirikia at Galloway, just out of Alexandra.

This new site had an access road that could test the best of riders in the years that we had rain. But with over 450 people attending, the grounds were big enough to hold even more motorcyclists.

From the first rally at this site in 1987, things have changed and each year numbers keep increasing. It is not unusual to get between 1000 to 1600 rally goers attend. 

The access road was shifted to the other end of the site and vastly improved with gravel being put down instead of the mud and grass of the old road. A swamp was drained, and the rally was turned around to face in the opposite direction from when it was first held.

Toilets were improved from long drops to the current porta loos, food stalls were increased to cope with extra numbers and the rally was fine tuned by adding lights, large wire drums to make bar leaners and shade tents added to help protect people from the central sun. For some years a swimming hole was formed in the river to help motorcyclists cool down in temperatures that for most rallies have been in the 30's.

This rally runs on the first Friday and Saturday in February. 

Proceeds from the VCR are donated to BRONZ's nominated charities Neuromuscular Alliance (formerly Muscular Dystrophy Association) and Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust

This rally is still judged one of the best medium-sized summer rallies in the south.

The badge colours are:  1985 - Black, 86 - Red, 87 - Blue. 88 - Green, 89 - Orange, 90 - Brown (Pink bike), 91 - White, 92 - Yellow, 93 - Copper (white bike), 94 - Pink.

The first 10 badges where triangles. Then from 1995 - 2004 we went back to black badge in the shape of a star. From 2005 - 2014 we put the black triangle badge inside an oval. Then in 2015 we put the black star inside an oval.

COVID canceled the 2022 Rally, so the colors have moved forward 1 year and now 2025 will be pink........  who knows what shape 2026 will bring :) 

Indemnity Clause: 

By attending this Rally you, hereby, agree to

abide by the rules and regulations governing this event and hold blameless any officer or member of B.R.O.N.Z. Otago Inc for any injury or accidental damage whatsoever, which may occur while on the way to, at or leaving the Vincent County Rally.

Download and share our Rally Flyer, Bike Show Flyer and Registration form Form here:  

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