Bikers Rights Organisation New Zealand (Otago) Inc was set up in July 1984 by a group of young Dunedin motorcyclists who were concerned there was no-one to maintain their rights as riders.

Since then BRONZ Otago has maintained a strong membership committed to riders rights and riding. While being active with local and national agencies (e.g. ACC, Land Transport New Zealand, Transit, Dunedin City Council, etc.a number of), members also participate in charity activities as well as support the Neuromuscular Alliance (ex NDA) through the Vincent County Rally.

Members enjoy many social activities each year – five overnight runs out of Dunedin, organised social nights each year, the 45th Parallel Run and any number of other activities organised by the BRONZ Otago committee.

The committee is made up of new and old members; there is a good gender balance, and everyone rides two wheels of some sort or other.

BRONZ members are mainly interested in on-road riding, but we have some members who enjoy alternative off-road routes to events/runs when they can. 

BRONZ Otago membership includes a growing number of women riders as well as learner riders; our membership is varied and interesting covering all ages. The common denominator with BRONZ members is the love of motorcycles and motorcycling.

A monthly newsletter is published for members. It contains information about upcoming events and activities, other clubs rallies around the regions, the latest information on roading issues and a bit of fun stuff too.

Being a member of BRONZ Otago does not stop you from being a member of any other motoring group. The only requirement for membership to BRONZ Otago is that you have an interest in motorcycles. To find out about joining BRONZ Otago contact us at

Membership to BRONZ Otago $20 a year for an individual (first year @ $30.00 which includes a badge) or $40.00 for a family. Check out our online store.